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Chinese Food Tips and uses-fast food

The little fat snacks – the fragrance is overflowing, it is mouth watering, and the food is lingering after the meal, the market sales are hot.

Established in 1998, Xiaofazi Fast Food is a Sino-foreign joint venture dedicated to the Chinese fast food chain. Since its inception, it has attracted great attention in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city. It uses a new model to bring beautiful dishes to people at a very affordable price. “Little Fat Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.” also expanded rapidly at the beginning of its establishment. In the past two years, it opened nearly 20 direct-operated stores and became a well-known fast food brand. “Little Fat Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.” has accumulated rich experience in the location and operation of direct store. Especially for the management of chain stores, “Little Fat Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.” conducted in-depth and meticulous research and practice.

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The company adheres to the tenet of “satisfying consumers and making franchisees profitable” and regards franchise chain operation as a long-term strategy for enterprise development. Since the middle of 2002, the company has begun to promote the franchise business, with a complete franchise management and development approach, so that franchisees have obtained substantial benefits. In 2003, it was rated as “China Fast Food Chain Brand Enterprise” by China Cuisine Association and China Fast Food Committee.

In the middle of 2001, “Little Fat Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.” was officially renamed as “Qingdao Vision Service Management Co., Ltd.” and officially opened to join. However, for the far-sighted visionaries, this is only the beginning. The nutritional mix of Chinese fast food, the concentrated expression of the color, fragrance and taste of the dishes, the standardized operation of the store management, the scientific profit chain design, the creation of the store atmosphere and so on, and a series of fast food chain contents are all constantly studied by the far-sighted people. Question.

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The Xiaofazi fast food adopts the all-weather operation mode. Its brand not only has a variety of delicious snacks, but also offers a variety of nutritious porridge, dumplings and other fine breakfasts, a variety of dinner and dinner items. Let consumers go to the chubby fast food restaurant every time of the day, you can find your favorite food brand, which is the unique advantage of the small fat fast food brand.

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The business concept of small fat snacks: “Honest management, innovation and efficiency, people-oriented”

Little fat man development goal

1. Become a famous “service management” brand in the local and even domestic.

2. The business area will cover both local and domestic large, medium and small cities.

3. The scope of business will extend to all areas required by corporate customers, investors, and general customers.

The purpose of the small fat snack “private”

Let the consumers be satisfied and let the franchisees profit!

Little fat snacks join advantage

Small plate sale: sell small portions of high-quality cooking at a preferential price, the same price in the small fat snacks, customers get more taste enjoyment.

Semi-self-service: Guests can easily eat, save a lot of labor costs, order, check out one-stop service, save a lot of management energy.

WYSIWYG: There is no expected value gap, and more importantly, it is easy to eat at the store, and there are other fast-food advantages that cannot be compared.

食食外带: All the products can be taken out, and equipped with a full set of take-away items, effectively solving the problem of insufficient meals at the peak of the meal.

Group delivery: suitable for working meals, business meals, meeting meals, etc., greatly increasing the profit point and forming a stable income for the store.

Three meals a day: three meals in the morning, in the middle and the evening are delicious. It has become an all-time restaurant in people’s lives. It is more competitive than the lunch and dinner, and more profitable.

More choices, suitable for repeated meals: The small fat snacks are based on the most traditional combination of Chinese cooking and rice, and offer up to dozens of choices, making customers “days and fats, meals and fat people” I don’t know if I can repeat or have no choice.

Target market: to meet the fast food demand of all classes of consumers, the project model and pricing strategy are fully suitable for the vast number of consumers in the first, second and third tier cities. Therefore, the target market selected by the chubby snacks is a crowd with a large number of potential consumers. .

Xiaofazi fast food joining conditions: love the catering industry

1. The small fat snack investors love the catering industry and have a firm belief and full enthusiasm for this.

2, love the catering industry, have entrepreneurial enthusiasm

3, with brand awareness, agree with the brand concept.

4. Have a strong sense of professionalism and a desire to pursue success.

5, can abide by the company’s business management policies and can maintain a good corporate and brand image.

6. After opening the business, you must provide photos of the storefront and sales scenes to the headquarters so that the headquarters can establish customer files.

7. The agent agrees with the company’s management philosophy and can keep information sharing and communication with the headquarters at any time.

8, to love the business of small fat snack industry, and have a good sense of innovation and determination to start a career.

9, love the catering business, the small fat fast food franchisee has a team spirit.

Xiaofazi fast food joining process: website message to understand and request detailed information

1. Initial understanding: The following message consultation will give a preliminary understanding of the project.

2. Field visits: The two sides conducted field visits and further negotiated cooperation intentions and market expansion plans.

3. Application for joining: Investors who want to join will fill out the “Join Application Form” and the headquarters will evaluate your membership qualification.

4. Contract signing: Successfully passed the audit of the headquarters, and the official contract can be signed.

5. Site selection: The headquarters assists investors in site selection.

6, store decoration: In order to ensure the unified image of the national franchise stores, franchisees need to renovate the store entrance, the headquarters for acceptance evaluation.

7. Headquarters training: After the shop is renovated, the franchisee needs to go to the headquarters to receive the skills training before the opening, to prepare for the opening of the store.

8. Preparation for opening: Determine the opening time, standard opening process, preparation for opening materials, and opening license.

9. Opening Ceremony: If there is no problem in the trial operation, wait for the punctuality on the day of the opening of the business, and complete the opening ceremony according to the previous planning process!

Master the skills of small fat fast food shop selection, let the store occupy a more favorable advantage

1. If you want to open a store to make money, you should choose a place with a lot of people. It is close to the company, and the hospital and the school are very good choices.

2, want to make money faster, it is best to open a store in a place with a large population and many young people.

3, the shop site selection link needs to have a clear understanding of the types of small fat snack shops, and choose according to the specific type.

4, before renting a small fat snack shop, you can first understand the rental price of the surrounding small fat snack shop.

5, to understand whether the surrounding facilities affect the storefront, whether it is convenient for pedestrians to buy, mainly near the distance, convenient for pedestrians to choose key places.

6, the need to operate a store has a certain consumer group, then the business building is a good choice.

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