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College boy More often than I öshould wish,1 find a boy who is not showing any interest in his work and who is not trying to do it with any distinction, because he’s following a direction, mapped out by his parents, that runs counter to all of his interests and abilities. I have made a numbe of very warm enemies among the parents of college students by telling them that l am certain that the good lord never intended their son to De physician,college boy or a dentust, or an engincer. It may be that the boy has abthty enough to be anyone of these things, but the long and short of it is, he does not want to be. He wants to be a theatrical manager, abook illustrator. It may be unreasonable for the boy to tum his back on a fine open ing in the dental profession in favour of business. But reason cannot management all of those matters moreover argued with someone that he ought to like onions once he detests them As a general issue, the boy wins out in such controversics. And he should. Also, be it said, the parent whom Thave offended usually comes around after a term of years and tells me that his son was right which he’s appreciative to Maine for taking the a part of the boy in the argument. If such a boy fails. it is because he cannot bring himself to try to do the work that’s distasteful to him, and that he feels is leading him in the wrong direction. If the school is alive to its work of recommendation, such cases are caught before the failure 1s complete. businessman.
Another sort of boy United Nations agency doesn’t strive is that the terribly bright boy United Nations agency has
always done his school work without cffort, and who has never learned
what real application is. He supposes that he will float through school with
as little effort as he did through school. 1 sometimes think that the bright College Boycollege boy United Nations agency has perpetually depended his ability to induce things quickly, is the most
pitiable object among all our failing students. For it is almost a tragedy to
see all of this keenness going to waste,college boy and to fcel that the entire
opportunity which the college has to offer is passcd up because of a too
receptive mind. The cure for thiS sort of thing is again not casy, for it

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involves a complete modification of angle, and the forming of a completely new
set of habits. No one will do that however the boy himself. All that the rest of us
can do 1S to point out what is the matter
The question of health, both physIcal and mental, is always one of
the reasons for failure. 1f an adequate health service is available in the
college, and proper cooperation eXIsts betwcen the teaching staff and the
office the college doctor, an immense number of 1failures can be avoided
and, what is just as important, the reason for inability to do satisfactory

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narrators This amazing story of man and College man college life is very different

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